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Inspired by the idea of building or remodeling with more natural and sustainable materials but don’t know quite where to start? This webinar is made for you!

5-Week Online Workshop
October 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2022
November 3, 2022

MudStrawLove, LLC is teaching this workshop in collaboration with the School of Integrated Living (SOIL) based at Earthaven Ecovillage in Western North Carolina.

The information and images in this workshop will help ground you to know what appeals to you and what might be most appropriate for your situation – whether you want to make your own paint for an accent wall or build your own home. We will explore several “natural building” methods and materials through slides, lectures, and Q&A. We will cover some basics of building so your understanding can grow from a solid foundation — pun intended! Juicy topics, such as building with cob (mud), straw bales, earthbags, and natural paints and plasters will give you perspective on each one so you can compare and combine them in dreaming your projects into reality.

Through examples from around the world, you will gain an appreciation and understanding of what is possible with natural materials. There are no “cookie cutters” here — each place is different and each project reflects our best attempts to balance all our desires with realities.

You will see why aiming for more sustainable lives includes our built environment and contemplate the intangible aspects of using our own bodies and minds to create or remodel our homes to work better, feel better, and BE better with natural materials.

Mollie with paintbrush in front of wall painted with clay paint.