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Earthaven Ecovillage, near Black Mountain, NC
August 16-20, 2017

THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page so you can hear about our next workshop! Thank you for your interest!
Mollie Curry (left) with student

Mollie Curry (left) with student

MudStrawLove, LLC is proud to partner with the School of Integrated Living (SOIL) and Earthaven Ecovillage for this workshop. Mollie Curry lived at Earthaven for 11 years before moving to Asheville, NC. She still has deep roots there, and is always happy to teach at this special community!

Learn about the most common natural materials and techniques for designing ecologically sound buildings. Gain hands-on experience with natural building techniques such as cob, earthen plasters, and paints. Tour natural buildings constructed using these techniques to see sustainable possibilities for foundations, roofs, and wall systems. Learn about site selection and passive solar design. This introductory course to natural building empowers students to create energy efficient, beautiful, and Earth-friendly structures. Since there is not much overlap, this course is a great complement to MudStrawLove’s July 28-30 Straw Bale Building Workshop!

Tuition includes catered organic meals for 5 days (14 meals total), as well as camping.


Intro to Earthen Paint
(aka “Alis” or Clay-Based Paint)