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Photo of Steve Kemble of MudStrawLove

Steve Kemble of MudStrawLove

We are dedicated to designing structures with significantly less environmental American norm. Small is beautiful; passive solar is a no-brainer; functional beauty is ideal; local, renewable, non-toxic, recycled, recyclable, minimally processed materials are our faves; intelligent mechanical systems (solar hot water, graywater re-use, composting toilets, photovoltaic electrical) excite us; integrating the building with the place is fitting, and connective feel-good design is supreme!

We have many years designing, building, and teaching various forms of natural building. Straw-bale, cob, straw-clay, and natural plasters are very familiar to us, as well as the foundation, roof, and other complimentary systems (like electrical) requirements to go with these methods.

Packaged Straw Bale Home Plans

Our Straw Bale Home Plans booklet contains a selection of simple, efficient, low-cost, builder-friendly designs, including both load-bearing and in-fill methods. The design of your choice can be purchased as well-detailed and annotated plans sets, complete with itemized materials list for the structural shell. The Straw Bale Home Plans booklet is $5. Packaged plans sets start at $500.

To order the Straw Bale Home Plans booklet, please send a check for $5.00 and your address to:

MudStrawLove, LLC
60 Alabama Ave.
Asheville, NC 28806