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About Steve Kemble

Steve started his career as an engineer, where he developed a great capacity for detail and integrated design. He went on to become a certified Permaculture designer in 1990, which led him on the path of natural building. Steve jumped into straw bale building “with all fours” by attending the first ever workshop on the subject in 1990 and immediately going home and designing his own house. Steve applies his skills in design, innovation, and hands-on application, along with a focus on care for the earth, to all of his work in natural building. In the course of numerous projects over the years, he has figured out ways to build straw bale and other natural building structures efficiently and effectively and has incorporated his discoveries in his designs, advice and teaching.

Choosing Natural Building

Building using natural materials comes from a desire to get closer and more connected to our environment; the natural patterns of life in and around us. Living in a home that fits into the landscape rather than being imposed upon it, that seems to grow out of the earth and keeps us comfortable with a … MORE