Feel the Love, Hug Some Mud.

Our mission here at MudStrawLove is to help people learn about and create shelter that is congruent with their values of health, happiness and well-being for themselves and all other life on Earth.

We understand that the earth supports us like our bones, that clean water is as important as our blood, and that clean air is essential to our health and inspiration. We believe that our collective disconnection from the natural world has led us to many current global crises. Healing the earth and ourselves means healing this neglected connection. Our clients are taking steps of personal responsibility towards creating greater health for themselves and the rest of the world by utilizing natural materials in their homes.

We aim to produce natural homes and other structures that bring closer connection and harmony into the lives of everyone involved. We can help you manifest a beautiful, comfortable, environmentally-friendly natural building, or expand your knowledge base so that you know what you want to do and how to do it!

We focus on the use of natural, minimally processed, local, renewable, recyclable materials (like mud, straw—-and love!), keeping the health and happiness of the planet and people in the forefront of our minds.

  • Fun, informative hands-on workshops (you could be student or host)
  • Energy-efficient, material-efficient design plans
  • Earth-friendly interior and exterior plasters, paints and sculpture–even on your conventional home in some cases
  • Trainings for your crew in natural building techniques
  • Natural building consultation
  • Site evaluation
  • Inspirational and empowering presentations
  • Construction services such as project management and crew training
  • Rainwater harvesting systems design