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Rocket Mass Heater Workshop & Introductory Fire Play Evening
April 7-9, 2016

Tired of fossil fuels and high heating bills? Build your own clean-burning, super-efficient, low-cost heating and cooking system out of mostly local sustainable materials!

Rocket mass stoves burn a quick hot fire from wood–even scraps or bamboo! They produce little smoke (reduces pollution) and most of the heat goes into the mass bench instead of up the chimney. Then the warm bench radiates gentle heat into the room/house for hours after the fire is out! Radiant heat feels very healing–like warming your bones. And rocket mass stoves can also be built to cook on!

Lasse Holmes

Lasse Holmes

Lasse Holmes, the instructor of this workshop, is a passionate natural builder, consultant, and teacher. He lives in Homer, Alaska in a timber frame, straw bale, and clay/fiber home heated by a Rocket Mass Heater. He has built several RMHs and taught workshops on the subject. He has been researching and experimenting with natural materials for healthier lower-embodied energy buildings that resonate with people and their surroundings for many years. (Lasse is also a skilled beer brewer who started a brewery in Homer!)

Invest in this workshop, then in building a rocket mass heater and you will be cutting down on pollution, fossil fuel dependency, heating bills, furnace repair, etc.  Cozy warmth will bring you comfort for years to come!

The full workshop, which includes BOTH the 2-day Rocket Mass Heater Workshop and Fire Play Evening, costs $205-$400 (depending on where you are on the sliding scale). Most natural building workshops charge $100-$200/day.

You can also choose to attend only the Introductory Fire Play Evening, which costs $10-$40 (depending on where you are on the sliding scale).

Work exchange may be available:  inquire directly and ASAP!

Please find more detailed information below.


Rocket Mass Heater Workshop

April 7, 7-9pm (Fire Play Evening) AND
April 8-9, 9:30am-5:30pm (Rocket Mass Heater Workshop)

Instructor: Lasse Holmes of Alaska
Co-Instructors: Steve Kemble and Mollie Curry of Asheville
Location: Asheville, NC

$205-$400, sliding scale

Get practical hands-on experience as well as a basis in theory of constructing a rocket mass Heater/Stove. The full hands-on workshop will cover the basics of sourcing materials, design/layout, construction and testing of the combustion chamber and radiant heat bench. We will work with sand, clay, gravel, firebricks and more to give participants the experience of mixing and using the various materials in construction of a real heater! Also includes an instructional book on rocket mass Heaters by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson. At a private location in Asheville, NC. Please bring your lunch and snacks as you will not have time to go out for a meal.

How to register for the Rocket Mass Heater Workshop (includes both 2-day workshop and Fire Play Evening):

  1. Send us an email containing the following info:
    • Provide the name and email of the registrant(s).
    • Describe any pertinent experience you may have.
  2. Pay the amount for one or two persons using the secure PayPal button below:

Rocket Mass Heater Workshop Deposit and Sliding Scale Options:

Introductory Fire Play Evening ONLY

April 7, 7-9pm

Instructor: Lasse Holmes of Alaska
Location: Asheville, NC

$10-$40, sliding scale

The fun Fire Play Evening will cover the theory of rocket mass heaters, fire and heat transfer, followed by a live fire demonstration. This introductory lecture/demo evening can be attended without committing to the larger workshop. This evening is highly recommended if you are considering building any kind of rocket heater or want to learn more about how fire works.

How to register for ONLY the Fire Play Evening: 

  1. Send us an email containing the following info:
    • Provide the name and email of the registrant(s).
    • Describe any pertinent experience you may have.
  2. Pay $10-$40 using the secure PayPal button below:

Fire Play Evening ONLY
Choose the amount you can pay from the dropdown menu and then click on the Buy Now button to make your payment.

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